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-Unitypackage ONLY. [Includes FBX and 4 prefabs]
-Dynamic bones script is NOT included.

    • Avatar state syncing system.
    • FBT ready and tracking like a charm! 
    • Dynamic bones and colliders everywhere you would expect and even where you would not expect!
    • Spinning Hollow Knight "Yoyo" ball for the ADHD bois. 
    • Animated "Animal Crossing" style gestures. 
    • WAY TOO MANY TOGGLES : Wings, Fluffy tail, Cat Tail, Cat Paws, Knife, Cannon, Cat on the head, Goggles, Hoodie, Bikini Top, Cock.
    • Shorts, Panties, Pasties, Piercings and juicer.
    • Knife can spin, Cannon can shoot.
    • Visemes Choker.