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-Unitypackage ONLY. [Includes FBX and 4 prefabs]
-Dynamic bones script is NOT included.

-Now includes DPS support!
  • FBT ready and tracking like a charm! 
  • Dynamic bones and colliders everywhere you would expect. [Butt included]
  • Toggleable shoe and hand trails, toggleable tail, toggleable dick on the futa version.
  • Spinning space bunny "Yoyo" ball for the ADHD bois. 
  • Animated "Animal Crossing" style gestures. [See videos!]
  • Touch inventory system for the clothes with a custom UI.
  • Top selection is : Bra, Pasties and Nude.
  • Bottom selection is : Pants, Panties and Nude.
  • Head selection is : Mask and Hair accessory.
  • Karambit knife!