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-Unitypackage ONLY. [Includes FBX and prefabs]
-Dynamic bones script is NOT included.

    • -FBT ready and tracking like a charm!
    • Dynamic bones and colliders everywhere you would expect.
    • Spawn-in particle effect.
    • Toggleable shoe trails, hand trails, toggleable scarf.
    • Horns, tail and ears can be removed in Unity without breaking the model.
    • Spinning Pikachu "Yoyo" ball for the ADHD boyos. 
    • All the gestures and facial expressions!
    • Touch inventory system for the clothes with a custom UI.
    • Clothes selection is : Godking outfit, Hoodie, Leather Jacket and Barechested.
    • Transform into a Dragon Spirit Puppet using a gesture! 
    • Dragon Puppet has physics and the mouth moves when you speak.
    • Cock Toggle.